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Press Release July 10th 2012:
Shannon LNG Project Officially Postponed.

Shannon LNG Managing Director, Paddy Power, announced officially for the first time on July 8th 2012 that the Shannon LNG project was being postponed for at least 2 and a quarter years.

Speaking to the "The Sunday Business Post" on July 8th 2012,  Shannon LNG Managing Director, Paddy Power,  stated the project

"will not proceed, or can't, until there is regulatory certainty about this, and that wouldn't be before October 2014"

'Safety Before LNG', welcoming the announcement, stated that the news of the postponement of the Shannon LNG project so soon after the Energy Regulator outlawed a monopoly price-fixing loophole in the Irish gas market, proved that the Shannon LNG project was only ever an anti-competitive predatorial attempt to gain an unfair dominant market position which would have effectively forced Irish consumers to subsidise the Shannon LNG project by up to €50 million per year.

Speaking to the local "Kerry's Eye" newspaper, Energy Minister, Pat Rabbitte, was quoted  on July 5th 2012 as saying:

"all companies in the field want a level playing field and that the State had invested €600m in an interconnector with the UK, to which suppliers in Ireland should contribute"


Notes to the Editor:

1. Sunday Business Post - July 8th 2012 - "Shannon gas plant is stalled over tariff ruling"